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What is School For? A Manifesto for Parents

an inside look at the public school system is coming in August.

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I help organizations create the culture, strategy and brand you need to fulfill your mission and create the change you want to see in your community.

what i do

I believe ...

People are the creative engine and solution.

Involved, inspired and authentically motivated. Those are the qualities of enduring, high-functioning teams and sustainable community core leaderships. Yes, you and I, we are all we’ve got. And the innovative solutions to the challenges we all face will come from us.

Innovation starts with culture.

The most innovative teams—the kinds that make a deep impact on their customers or communities—have fostered a nurturing and inclusive culture that brings out the best in every member. Three heads are better than one. From there, we can promote deep collaboration for innovation—to reach your goals faster. It all begins with your organizational culture.

Curiosity drives us.

Great teams run on openness, question-asking and safe dialogue. Curiosity is the key to diffuse conflicts even when we hold the opposing perspectives in tension. Let’s foster curiosity, listening and trust across your organization.

Being bold.

Courage and boldness are skills we can learn, practice and model for future generations—especially in a world shaken by change.


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