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You are seeking a change in re-branding to reflect your vision, and the great work you have done or plan to do. May it be the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion(ED&I), a new journey you embarked on or update your messaging about who you are. We've got your back!

Check out our full branding service with over 27 years experience at States of Matter.

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Whether you are a service consultant or product start-up, our 2-step LevelUp Branding package delivers a brand that connects with your audience, builds your community and brings people on a journey to experience the change that you have created for them.

Step 1, we discover and define what makes your business great by having a in-depth interview with up to 3 key stakeholders.

Step 2, we create the brand and tools to take your business to the next level of success with effective branding strategy and design sessions. Deliverables include strategy, logo, website, copy and marketing materials.

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You have a vision about your school, and need the brand to tell your story.  

We understand the unique challenges in the school environment as we are parents of small children ourselves. We believe a better education comes from a healthy learning environment, culture, and community so that members feel a strong sense of belonging.

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