the smallest lovable audience

Seth Godin empowers us to choose the smallest audience that we are eager to serve. It doesn't have to be millions (very unlikely), thousands (unlikely), hundreds (likely), less than hundreds (more likely), but ten. Ten is a fine number to start with.


'"JZ'" Jiaona Zhang transformed the concept of MVP (minimum viable product) to MLP (minimum lovable product). Viable barely makes it, but loveable is more likely to be remarked and spread.

There is magic in the smallest and loveable, hence the idea of the smallest lovable audience. 


We often see generous and loving service providers wonder who they should describe as their desired audience. Thinking about this almost requires them to activate their imagination, and frequently end up with the persona of someone they think they want to serve but feel distant. 


It turns out that serving people we created in the vacuum is like shouting to the void. No wonder we don't hear the echo and can't close the feedback loop. 


The disconnection isn't because our audiences don't exist or we can't find them; it is within ourselves. 


The smallest lovable audience often looks like us: with awareness, connection, and alignment. Paying attention to ourselves and understanding what we love and enjoy experiencing helps us find "people like us do things like this."

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