shared reality and community

It’s easier to create a shared reality in a community, because:

It’s easier to find synchronicity – something that you are doing, the other people are doing too.

It’s easier to connect – we join the community because we are friends of someone there – people like us do things like this. We share the same values – care, generosity, support each other, and goals and missions that lead to shared language.  

It’s easier to learn about other people – with an online platform and regular Zoom gatherings (even physical space), we have a place to talk about our thoughts, work, learn, and listen to others.

It's easier to face and tackle challenges because we are not alone.

If you are considering joining a community, check out Seth Godin’s Purple Space, Margo Aaron and Kristin Hatcher’s Brainstorm Road, Bernadette Jiwa’s Story Republic, and the global Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Rising.

We go further. Together.

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