responsibility and freedom

They are the two sides of one thing - sustainable living for both individuals and the society. When one is over emphasized while the other is treated less important, the consequence of imbalance persists. And so does the divide.

When enjoy our freedom of speech, we have the responsibility of communicating things with care and honesty.

When enjoy our freedom of self-expression, we have the responsibility of listening to the others even when it’s the opposing side. Just like we want to be heard and understood, the other people want the same. There is a difference between willing to listen versus agreeing.

When enjoy our freedom of silence, we have the responsibility of speaking up about injustice and issues.

When enjoy convenience, comfort and racing to the bottom cheapness, we have the responsibility to learn the consequences behind: our environment, our health and wellbeing, the quality of life - the things that more important to us.

To truly enjoy our precious freedom, we learn to see our responsibilities.

Happy Birthday America!

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