Multi-passionate creative & personal brand

Many of us self-identify asmulti-passionate. We have more than one thing we love to do and grow: writing, painting, podcasting, stand-up comedy, letter pressing, crafting, pottery etc. You name it.

Regardless of how many passions we have and are interested in exploring, there is only one brand for many of us - ourselves. When finding that one thing we are about (purpose in life), our personal brand can lead our passions and energy to grow and thrive. 

Using Brené Brown's brand as an example, she is a researcher, educator, podcaster, CEO, public speaker, and writer of her books and docuseries such as Brené Brown: Atlas of the Heart (HBO Max). Regardless of which or how many mediums she chose to create an impact, her works all come from over two decades of studying and researching courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy.

It works the same for many of us. Articulating a purpose for ourselves that distinguishes us from others is the point of the personal brand. And everything else we do is simply enriching and amplifying that identifier through mediums such as writing, podcasting, videos, public speaking, crafting, business…

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