learning zumba

Like many gyms, the one that I belong to offers Zumba classes.

It’s fun to learn Zumba. Learning the moves is just as important as dancing to the music. People who signed up are ready for a blast. Because it’s not a competition, we are willing to lead and follow the others. Because there is no grading at the end, we are less worried about making mistakes or trying new moves. Because everyone is ready to do the best we can, we mean every move we make. Because it’s about learning and practice, all of us are vulnerable and compassionate towards ourselves and others.

In the end, we all learn a little more. People who are good at Zumba (including the instructor) lead the others and contribute. People who are still learning feel less alone practicing. High fives and “great work” are how we appreciate each other and the time we spend together.

What else could we ask from a Zumba class?

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