before "the good news"

We read about problems and issues in books. After the “bad news”, we often see “but the good news is…”. Writers intend to bring hope, so we are not too depressed to finish reading. It follows the story arc: building up tension and then releasing it at the end, which works great for storytelling.

With Nonviolent Communication practice, we find a similar pattern in living with emotions. When hearing bad news or being triggered, we have negative emotions. Running away from them is our natural response: nobody enjoys bad feelings. Shifting to something positive is a solution for many of us. Like reading a book, doing so might feel like we have released the tension in our body, but unlike reading a book, there is something important that we have missed.

It is our need for acceptance: accepting our emotions and reactions.

Holding a space for self-acceptance opens the door to the acceptance of people and the world around us.

Before the good news, there is a space. Good news helps, but acceptance helps us go further.

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