"bad" culture

Among the eight organizational culture styles, it's natural that we like some of them, such as caring and learning cultures, and dislike others, such as authority and order cultures. The eight cultures are: caring, purpose, learning, enjoyment, result, authority, safety and order.


It's easy to believe that we should only discuss "good" cultural styles because that's what we want to see more of in the world and ignore "bad" ones because, well, they are "bad."


It turns out that there is no such thing as a "bad" culture among these eight styles. Each style has strengths and weaknesses but serves a purpose for businesses, organizations, and systems. 


A "bad" culture style in one organization can be an excellent solution for another. For example, authority culture might not work for a company that prioritizes care, but it works for a crisis management service where effectiveness and speed of decision-making are paramount. 


When we explore organizational cultures, what valuable insights do we miss if we limit our focus to only the "good" ones?

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